Automating Personnel Rotation Generation in Healthcare Industry

Automating Personnel’s Rotation Generation in the Healthcare Industry Personnel scheduling plays a critical role in Healthcare Systems.¬†Utilizing the acquired knowledge in the previous work on the Nurse Rostering Project, Daric collaborated with Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) on the development of an optimization model for automating personnel rotation generation. Several categories of rules and policies based […]

Covid Pooling Project

COVID-19 Pooling Project Daric collaborated with the St. Paul’s Hospital to develop and operate an end-to-end data automation solution for increasing the throughput of the COVID-19 testing. Employing open-source tools such as Linux, bash, R, RShiny, ShinyProxy, and Docker, a comprehensive software application stack is developed to handle the pre-analytical, analytical, and post-analytical processes for […]

Nurse Rostering Project

Nurse Rostering Problem The Nurse Rostering Problem (NRP), a.k.a Rotation Automation, focuses on finding an optimal way to assign shifts to nurses in order to create employee rosters (rotations). Solving NRP is one of the most critical steps of workforce planning in healthcare systems. Commonly, this is a manual process where one (or more) experts […]

Biomium Project

Biomium Project ¬† The Biomium project focuses on the design and optimization of Bioenergy Supply Chains. A Decision Support System (DSS) for the strategic design of the supply chain along with its tactical and operational planning through its life cycle was built. The supply chain is modelled as an agent-based simulation system where business entities […]